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Avocat Anghel

The growing need of the companies to benefit from complex law specialists forces the law specialists to reinvent themselves constantly and to evolve permanently in order to meet all the market requirements.

It all started, difficult but hopeful, with a young lawyer who just came out of university in 2000. Experience came gradually, but once the first business clients appeared, we have achieved compatibility with this part of the legal profession. On the other side of the bar, until 2009, Stefana Anghel chose to replace her role of arbitrator with that of a lawyer in the serious act of justice.

The partnership was natural and necessary given the complementary services offered by the two lawyers. And because the legal issues of the clients are varied, and the reality of the contemporary world makes the branches of civil law to interfere with the criminal law more often, professionals (and not only them) should acknowledge the legal limits of their businesses. Our team is participating actively and permanently in finding the best solutions for each client.

What recommends us in a profitable collaboration?
Seriousness, ambition, desire to be the best, we always put our client first and we have a high respect for our profession.

Proof that we are appreciated?
None of the customers gave up on our servies because all the projects were completed successfully.

The attorney shouldn't be the main character or the hero of a story, but a good ruler of the used legal institutions, and also to have a deep knowledge of procedural provisions. Vocational training must be strong and the legal culture should match it.

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Our Team

Our lawyers are specialized in any type of legal issues and can represent you with succcess

Drept Penal

Adrian Anghel

Senior Partner

Lawyer sinces 2000 and Vicepresident of the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova.

Practice areas:
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquistions
  • Litigation with professionals
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Commercial Arbitration
Drept Civil

Stefana Anghel

Senior Partner

Lawyer since 2009 and Preseident of the Criminal Section of the Court of Appeal Ploiesti between 2005-2009. Owner of a Master Degree in European Law

Practice areas:
  • Criminal business law:
  • Corruption offenses
  • Offences of work
  • Offences against property
Drept Civil

Maria Valentina Sandu


Lawyer since 2008, graduate of the National Institute of Lawyers' Training and owner of Cambridge International Language Certificate.

Practice areas:
  • Corporate Law
  • Labor Law
  • Administrative and Fiscal

Diana Elena Nistor


Lawyer since 2009, graduate of the National Institute of Lawyers' Training and owner of the International Language DELF Certificate.

Practice areas:
  • Litigation with professionals
  • Criminal Law Affairs
  • Banking Law
  • Administrative and Fiscal